I’m a firm believer that success = doing the right things, the right way for the right amount of time.

I feel like the debate between what’s better, working hard, or working smart is something that has been going on for a while. I also feel as if the general consensus shifts back and forth on an annual basis. Currently (2019) the trend seems to be “why work harder when you can work smarter.” However, it wasn’t too long ago when everyone started their days with a “rise and grind” and proceeded to brag about how early they woke up to get the day started.

Personally I think that those who go on to become massively success do both. They work harder than everyone else but also do it in a very smart and efficient manner as that’s what keeps them going instead of burning out like the rest of the hard workers. However, as a business owner if you can to look for a single trait in your potential hire, what would it be? The hard worker or the smart worker?

First and foremost I’m a believer that as a business owner we should be leaders and a good leader isn’t just someone that dictates and gives directions, rather they’re someone that works with their employees & helps them become the best version of themselves. Essentially a good leader is no different from a great teacher and/or a great coach. As a coach I think we can all agree that we want to surround ourselves with the best talent available. However, how good is talent if it doesn’t want to work hard? Not very useful, and in some cases even destructive to the rest of your environment.

A hard worker, although not as talented, has shown that they have an inner drive, a fire, something that motivates them to do more than the rest (even if not doing it int he most efficient manner). As a good leader, this is where we have to have enough confidence in our abilities to train and develop this person so that they can reach the same levels as the more talented individual.

As an owner, this process is another form of investing. It’s seeing value where most others don’t and instead of looking at what it is today, it’s dreaming about what it will turn into tomorrow. As a speculator, this is what I do both in the financial and real estate amrkets whether it’s buying houses or investing in a stock.

Again, ideally what we want to have is the best of both worlds. A smart worker with the inner drive to work harder than everyone else. And when you find these individuals, you typically look to make them partners instead of employees, that way their talents and motivation can affect you at a different level. BUT, if you forced me to choose one, I would take the hard worker, because I’m a firm believer that success = doing the right things, the right way for the right amount of time. And teaching you how to do the right things are a lot easier than motivating you to continue doing them over a long period of time.

For more on this subject here’s a podcast episode that I recorded. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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