Why Scaring Clients Away Is A Good Thing

90 Pages on trading psychology???? Where the F*&% are the charts?

Imagine this, I had been struggling with my trading for almost a year, decided to quit all of my jobs in order to fully focus on becoming good, found a trading coach that seemed like the right fit and paid him nearly $4,000 to take his course and the first thing I receive is a 90 page written document talking about trading psychology. What the hell man! Where are the charts? Where’s the strategy? What is this junk? Those were the thoughts going through my mind when I started learning to trade and because of that I completely understand where people are coming from when they leave comments like what’s pictured below.

In an On-Demand world where the need for instant gratification has become an addiction, we still need to understand that success is an investment. It’s cliche to say “Rome wasn’t built in a day” but dammit it’s true. Investopedia.com defines the word “Investment” as:

an asset or item acquired with the goal of generating income or appreciation. In an economic sense, an investment is the purchase of goods that are not consumed today but are used in the future to create wealth.

It took me a while to realize this but what my mentor was doing at the time was testing my mindset & my level of commitment. He knew that those who invested the time to learn the boring yet MOST IMPORTANT concepts of trading would have a better shot at becoming successful, while those who didn’t would fail sooner than later.

From a business perspective, this is something that I have used not only in our coaching program over at Tier One Trading but also in our live workshops, youtube videos and daily content on social media. The goal, which is what has allowed us to separate ourselves from others in the industry is to focus fully on telling you what you NEED to hear, instead of telling you what you WANT to hear.


Now you may ask, Akil, doesn’t this result in you losing potential clients? YES, Yes it does and that’s the goal. You see our business is about much more than making money, it’s about actually helping people who want to be good. In order to do so, it’s important that we do two things.

1) Not overwhelm ourselves with clients.

2) Create a successful culture.

Ideally, the best way to train someone is to work with them in a 1 on 1 in person-environment. However, it’s also not a very efficient use of time. Group training, on the other hand, allows you to impact many more in the same amount of time. However, if you work with too many people at once then you begin to wear yourself thin and you become much less impactful as a coach especially if you need to waste time & energy trying to help someone that isn’t serious.

Working with serious clients only allows you to make the most out of your time and energy. It also creates a culture of success where your clients are willing and able to help each other out, hold each other accountable & vigorous work towards a common goal which is motivating and empowering to all.


When you are able to work with the right people it’s easy to explain to them why starting with the “boring” need to know stuff is massively important down the road and because of that we’ve seen a much higher success rate from those coming through our programs in comparison to other coaching programs and of course the general population.

When it comes to our workshops & my youtube videos, I take the same approach of starting with a powerful, yet “boring” lesson before diving into the charts. I do this because I know what's important for those who want to be successful and I also want to scare away those who are looking for a quick fix.

Eight years into my coaching career and I’ve given up on trying to help everyone. It’s just something that I can’t do and it’s a waste fo time and energy to try and do so. What I can do however is continue to preach a consistent message so that those who run into my content know exactly where I stand on what it takes to be successful. If that resonates with them then my content will as well and if not, they can go find a message that sells them whatever dream that they’re looking to buy.

The key is I just don’t want clients, I want my type of client.

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Trader — Trading Coach — Host of The Trading Coach Podcast — Author for Entrepreneur & FX Trader Magazine — Proud Husband & Father — Sports Nerd & Coffee Addict

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Akil Stokes

Akil Stokes

Trader — Trading Coach — Host of The Trading Coach Podcast — Author for Entrepreneur & FX Trader Magazine — Proud Husband & Father — Sports Nerd & Coffee Addict

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