Success Is A Team Effort

Akil Stokes
2 min readAug 20, 2017


The other day by good friend & trading buddy Jason Graystone shared with me an article from his “TEN” site about a new musician named Jysa that had an awesome story. (Link below)

At the end of the article he was asked the question “how do you balance your music life with your other obligations? (Wife, Children & Job). His response was…

“ TIME MANAGEMENT. Even with greatest time management skills, chasing a dream this big while also being a father, husband and friend, takes a lot of sacrificing of one’s self. In the end, you have to have faith in the process and know that the sacrifices you’re making today are going to pay off tomorrow.”

Earning your success certainly takes sacrifice, but not just from you, but from the people you love as well. The grind is hard, but sticking by that person & picking up the slack while they are grinding can be even tougher.

I remember how my wife stuck by me as all of my time effort & energy was directed at achieving a silly trading dream with no promise of success & no time limit on failure. Without that support there’s no way I would have made it to where I am today.

So to all of you who are out there working to turn a dream into reality, please take a second & let your loved ones know how much you appreciate the support. And if you know of someone chasing a dream of their own, give them some positive energy. Who knows that may be the difference between them succeeding and failing in their journey.

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