Trading Day 5.24 — Ending With A … THUD!

As we approach the Friday before a holiday weekend, I don’t expect to be that active in the markets tomorrow, therefore I’m looking at today as essentially being the end of my trading week.

It was a week that started off with a bang, yet ended with a thud finishing with 4 out of last 5 trades going for losses. Today’s loss came on an agressive entry to a head & shoulders bottom on the $EURJPY. After an initial 20 pip move in my direction the news of trump cancelling the Singapore nuclear sumit with North Korean leader Kni Jong Un hit sending strength back into the JPY and well sending my trade in the opposite direction.

So what do I do next? The same thing I always do. Review, evaluate & then prep for the week ahead. I’m unsure if i’ll have a Weekend Edition of The Trading Edge out for you guys. I suppose it will depend on the result of the Liverpool v. Real Madrid Champions League final. (As an Everton supporter, i’d obviously be under the weather if that team were to lift the trophy ;-) But if not. Make sure you DON’T MISS tomorrows Trading Coach Podcast Episode and I’ll see you guys next week as we get back to business in this ever challenging markets.

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