Diary of a Trader 7.3.18 — I Only Do This A Few Times A Year

Working from home is tough. Working from home with a young child that doesn’t understand why his father can’t play with him even though he’s literally a room a way is even tougher. However today, the morning battle of trying to feed & entertain my kid while tracking a trading opportunity may have played out in my favor by giving me a better entry price for a trade that I fired off this morning.

Today’s single trade execution was a classic pullback trade on the $AUDCAD. If you’re a Tier One Premium or Trial Member, you can see my full analysis of it just after the 34-minute mark or today’s 2-hour Live Room recording which is up on the site. If not, I’ll attach a picture below.

But following up on last week’s Trading Edge 103 video where we talked about positioning yourself as Canadian Dollar bull, this may be the perfect opportunity to go for what I call a “Home Run” trade. If you’re new, I’m typically conservative with my target placement as I’m a countertrade trader at heart, but a few times a year when the opportunity is just right, I’ll go for an aggressive move and see if I can knock one out of the park.

Speaking of waiting for the opportunity, if you haven’t done so already make sure you check out Monday’s episode of The Trading Coach Podcast which features an awesome lesson on the importance of being patient as a trader

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