Diary of a Trader 5.30 — Preparation Produces Profits

To be honest with you, I came into the trading day with a negative mindset. Not only did Ihave 2 positions on the board from the day before that I thought were going to be stopped out, but I just didn’t expect too much movement to be had in the markets today. However, as a profressional trader, I have a process & a routine that I consistently follow each & everyday. So why should today be any different.

As I fired up my charts to get ready for my normal morning round of analysis, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the two positions I left for dead had actually given me profit. I was also surpised to see just how much opportunity existed in the markets ahead of my day trading session.

As we kicked off our Live Trading Session I was able to find a few more good trading opportunities and to make a long story short … I had a damn profitable day brining home nearly 300 pips, with a single trade still in progress (inching closer to initial targets as I type).

This just goes to show you that we never know when good trading opportunities are going to come and we have one job and one job only. That is to treat our trading like a business and do our job. Successful traders do so every day and their reward is consistent profitability. Struggling traders don’t, and they end up making excuses about why they aren’t succesful. It’s as simple as that.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to listen to it yet, make sure you check out today’s trading Coach Podcast episode where I talk about “Fixed” & “Growth mindset along with 17 steps on how to shift from one to the other.

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