Diary of a Trader 5.28 — Moving To London

Akil Stokes
2 min readMay 30, 2018


As I woke up to view my charts this morning I noticed that a lot of the moves in which I predicted last night played out perfectly. The only issue is, once again I didn’t have the opportunity to take advanage of those predictions due to the time in which they occured.

As I shared my frustration through “the Twitter” I recieved a question from a fellow trader asking “do you think you would be a better trader if you lived in Europe?” My answer without hesitation was “yes.” Not only would being able to trade the London session provide me with a lot more opportunity to catch the markets initial moves for the day, but I would also be able to still trade the New York session as well if I wanted.

With that being said there would also be a much greater temptation to trade both, leaving me sitting in front of my charts for 8 or 9 hours a day, which is something that I have no intentions of doing.

At the end of the day moving to Europe or even traveling the world while trading would be fun, but what I love most is here at home and I’ll gladly sacrifice a few missed trading opportunities for it.

As far as trading goes, I did end up getting filled in two positions during the later half of the New York session on the $AUDUSD and $NZDUSD both long. Both were pattern trades so I don’t have too much of an opinion on them as the pattern, is the pattern, is the pattern and bigger picture I’m just playing the numbers that’s all.

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